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Posted By JoshAshley

As the old year fades, the new year starts coming. Ashley and I have had a great year. We have seen many souls saved, delievered, touched, and blessed by GOD. We have travel around 14 states. We released our first ever recording as "Josh & Ashley Franks." We had the honors of sharing the stage with many great friends in gospel music such as Gold City, the Greenes, Mike & Kelly Bowling, Crabb Revival, Gerald Crabb, the Kellys, Hope's Journey, the Nelons, Mark Trammell Trio, the Perrys, the Hoppers, Mitchel Jon and many more. We were apart of the National Quartet Convention, James D. Vaughan Festival, Gatlinburg Gathering, Lawrenceburg's Spring Fling, Anniversary Concerts, Homecomings, and many solo concerts and revivals. After over 200 days on the road and many miles behind us, we are looking for more miles and souls won for the kingdom of God this year. Please pray for us as we pray for you, as we look forward to seeing what GOD has in store for 2009!

We had a wonderful time this past week. We were in Jackson, TN and Selmer, TN for the AM & PM Services. The spirit of the Lord really moved in both services. We are now gearing up for our NEW YEARS EVE SPECTUALAR and our ALABAMA HOMECOMING! These are two great concerts that Ashley and I will be apart of and hosting so let me share a bit about what will be happening.

Our New Years Eve concert will be in Lawrenceburg, TN at the Old Crockett Theater, on December 31 starting at 8:00p.m. It will feature the Mark Trammell Trio, the Kellys, Josh & Ashley Franks, & the Mars Hill Baptist Church Choir! Admission will be $10 at the door. Doors will open at 7:00p.m. Tickets are selling great so come early to get your seats! There will also be suprise guest and give-a-ways! What better way to end your year?!?!

Then to start off your year, join us January 3, as we will be hosting our first ever ALABAMA HOMECOMING! It will be at the beautiful Liberty Hill Church, in Heflin, AL. It will start at 6:00p.m. with doors opening at 5:00p.m. It will be a FREE admission. Our special guest that night will be Mollie Owens, Hope's Journey, & the Kellys. A love offering will be taken! We are looking for a large crowd so  you might should come early for the best seats! Conessions will also be served for this concert!

Last but not least again, if you are planning on booking us for 2009, call soon! We still have a few dates open. Thank you for your love and support of 2008. God Bless You All!


December 31
Crockett Theater
Lawrenceburg, TN

January 3
Liberty Hill Church
Heflin, AL

January 4
Faith Full Gospel Church
Bowdon Junction, GA

For More Information about any or all of these services contact: 731-607-1948

Posted By JoshAshley

Well Christmas is gone for another year. We truly had a wonderful Christmas in hopes you did too.  I am just blessed so much. I have everything I need. A place to sleep, food on my table, automoible to drive, a great family, then most of all I have the Lord Jesus Christ.  What more could anyone ask for when you have everything you need and want?! I don't have a lot of money. (NO one does right now though. HA!) but thats ok. I still have the most important things in life. Things that matter the most. The Gifts were great. I got a lot of great things by the way. But to look and see how blessed I was in so many other ways makes me be thankful for those gifts that many people do not have.

We went to spend a few days at Ashley's family the first of the week. We had several gatherings and had such a good time of fellowship and eatting. LOL! Then we got home and went to my familys on Christmas morning and for lunch. We are currently home and enjoying every second of it. We had another gathering to night with some of my family and then we hit the road for Sunday services.

Then next monday the Horton Family we share with is coming to be with us for a few days at our place. We are really looking forward to that. 

Last but not least we are just a few days away from our NEW YEARS EVE SPECTUALAR and our ALABAMA HOMECOMING! These are two great concerts that Ashley and I will be apart of and hosting. We would love for you to come and join us.

Our New Years Eve concert will be in Lawrenceburg, TN at the Old Crockett Theater, on December 31 starting at 8:00p.m. It will feature the Mark Trammell Trio, the Kellys, Josh & Ashley Franks, & the Mars Hill Baptist Church Choir! Admission will be $10 at the door. Doors will open at 7:00p.m.

Then on January 3, we will be hosting our first ever ALABAMA HOMECOMING! This will be in the church were Ashley and I got married in, Liberty Hill Church, in Heflin, AL. It will start at 6:00p.m. with doors opening at 5:00p.m. It will be a FREE admission to hear Josh & Ashley Franks, Hope's Journey, & the Kellys, however a love offering will be taken!

Come see us soon!



December 28
People's Chapel Church
Jackson, TN
For More Information: Bro. Williams 731-267-0779

December 28
City of Refuge Church
Selmer, TN
For More Information: Bro. Jackson 731-645-7053

Posted By JoshAshley

It looks like it is only 1 week until Christmas. Hope you got all your christmas shopping done. WOW! It is only 1 week away. Ashley and I are currently in Nashville. We are working on our new project today. Its going to be great. We are off for a few weeks. We will spending time with our families over the next few days which is exciting. I'll share more on that next time.

We had a great time last weekend at McKee, KY. The folks were so nice and it was nice to meet new people and see some new faces. We love to be around wonderful folks. We are off for a few weeks. We are looking forward to it. 

Don't forget about our speical events coming up in Lawrenceburg, TN and Heflin, AL. I will share more on that next time as well. I better go. We are getting ready to record some more! 



December 17 - 27

Posted By JoshAshley

Well lets try this again. I typed this big long thing and then some how it disappeared. I wanted to give a praise report before anything else. Yesterday my friend, Foxy and I went promoting our New Years Eve Concert coming up. On the way home just out of no where a snow and ice storm came. I slowed down very quickly and drove for a ways. I knew my truck tries was getting slick and all the sudden I begin to fish tail. I spun around a time or time and thank God no one was coming or behind me. I was able to turn my truck around and head back to the homestead. The truck was not damaged and it didn't hurt me even though I was a little shook up because of the weather and I knew I had several hills and valleys to go through to get there. After a few more miles down the road several cars were behind me including a 18-wheeler truck. I knew there was a large hill ahead of me but I was for sure I could make it. Well I didn't. I begin up the hill on to start fish taling again. This time there was cars and and a 18-wheeler behind me and on coming traffic. Somehow, I know it was God, took me right between 2 cars and down into a hill I went only to see it was a driveway.  Once I got down the bottom of the hill, I called my dad and good friend Rick to come and get me home. After a few hours of waiting I finally made it home. There was 1 death and over 25 accidents that happened during this snow/ice storm. I could have been one but PRAISE GOD he protected me!

Anyways i better move on or I will never stop. I'm so thankful!  Ashley and I had awesome last weekend. We were in Hohenwald, Tn on Saturday night for the Holley Holiday Homecoming. It was good to see several other groups. After the concert and finger foods, we head to Franklin, TN for the AM service at Jones Chapel. We were there for a concert in August and had a great time but this time was even better. I brought a message this time and many were in the altars. We are planning on doing a revival there next year. Then Sunday evening we were in Cunningham, TN for the first time and it was a sweet spirit. 

We are getting ready tonight to be in Tuscumbia, AL for a private christmas party. I'm looking forward to it. Then we will leave in the morning heading for
Sunday morning service in McKee,KY before we take off for the Christmas season. I am really looking forward to a small break and I know Ashley is. I think I have wore my sweet little wife out this year. We have been SO busy this, its be crazy. We just recently celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary also. I know I'm a few days late on this but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, SUGAR! I LOVE YOU!
We really don't have much of a break though, we are going to be working on our new project starting December 18 in Nashville. That will be our first recording session. Then of course we start right back on the road December 28. So lots of going and doing even during the break. 

Finally I want you to pray for the Rick Howard family. Many may remember Rick from playing the guitar at our campmeeting. He found out he had cancer on October 20 and passed away yesterday in his early 50's leaving behind a wife and 2 young sons. It's very sad to hear this news because he knew he was going to be healed. Now I can see he did get his healing just not like we thought! He is now in a brand new body. He was a great christian man and could eat a guitar up. He will be greatly missed! We'll meet again Rick!


December 14
McKee Baptist Church
McKee, KY
For More Information: Mark 606-493-5256

Posted By JoshAshley

For the last two post I have started with Here I Am Again. Well today I won't do that. I'm really not sure why I didn't it in the first place. HA! Well this is not a rambling page I don't guess so I better get started with a few things. As always to get started I want to share about where we have been. So here we go!

This past Sunday morning and evening we were in Delta, AL. We were in two different churches but the same area which is unusal. But we really enjoyed our busy day. We were at Macedoina Baptist on Sunday morning and Mt. Moriah Church on Sunday evening. Had a good crowds both service and the message was well recieved for the altars were filled both services. That's the reason we do what we do! We had a wonderful time each service. Both churches were first timers for us but hopefully not the last.

We are looking forward to this weekend. We will be in Hohenwald, Tn, Franklin, TN, and Cunningham, TN. We will start out Saturday night for a speical holiday homecoming with the Holley Family. There will be several groups and we are looking for a wonderful time. Then we will be in Franklin, TN on Sunday morning, a church we were at recently and then Sunday evening we will be in Cunningham, TN for a concert. 

I also want to remind you one more time, we are currently booking for 2009. If you are planning on something for next year, We would love to come and be in service with you. To book, call me 731-607-1948.

I have posted a new Devotional about Christmas. Check it out! Also I am sorry I have not posted any pictures in a while. Ashley and I were talking the other day and I'm not sure what happen to us. We just haven't had the camera out snapping any shots. We normally are taking pictures all the time. We will try to get back in the grove this weekend! HA!


Come see us this weekend and be careful on your journey!



December 6
Blonde Church of God
Hohenwald, TN
Also Appearing: the Holleys, the Caltons, & Others
For More Information: Sonny 931-628-1217

December 7
Jones Chapel Church of the Nazarene
Franklin, TN
For More Information: Bro. Gary 615-456-4130

December 7
Grays Chapel Church of the Nazarene
Cunningham, TN
For More Information: Bro. Andrews 615-763-0454





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